Dartmouth Students

“And it appears to me that…[Dartmouth College] is an institution more entirely of a religious nature, than other seminaries in the land, as by the very constitution of it, real religion, or at least, a solemn, and credible profession of a full purpose of heart…without reserve to devote themselves to the service and glory of the Redeemer in the world.”
~Eleazar Wheelock, 1772, Founder of Dartmouth College

As a Dartmouth Student at CRC, you will find:

  • A unique Gospel-driven vision
  • Ways to connect with a diverse cross-section of people from the greater Hanover area
  • Ways to serve others in the church and in the community
  • Ways to study the Christian faith
  • Ways to grow in leadership in the context of a local church
  • Opportunities for International Missions
  • Tons of other students

CRC's Relationship with Campus

CRC has a strong connection with the various ministries on campus – Agape, FCA, Bethel Christian Fellowship, Cru, Christian Union, Integrare, etc., in addition to such student organizations as Apologia and X.ado. CRC, in conjunction with these ministries, sees its unique role as a bridge to life outside the campus setting. Our desire is to be a church where students can be a part of a diverse community of believers and families that are seeking to serve and advance his kingdom in the fabric of everyday life.

Occasionally we ask students to share about their experience at CRC during their time at Dartmouth. You can listen to a reflection given by a few Dartmouth students who attended CRC below:

We are constantly thinking about how we can do all of this better. If you have any thoughts, we are open to your suggestions and invite your joint-participation in shaping the future of CRC.

Connecting to the Community of Believers

Faithfulness to Christ over the long haul requires that you are able to connect with believers who are different than you. You are welcome and encouraged to come in, serve and be a part of the diverse body at CRC.

Community Groups, CRC‘s small group ministry, is an ideal point of connection for students. We recognize that most students have many opportunities for small group involvement on campus. Nonetheless, we encourage students to join our Community Groups. Why? CRC small groups are intentionally diverse and focus on service, outreach, Bible study, prayer, and being in community with one another. Each group is led by a trained leader that receives on going support. Therefore, they are a great way to develop substantive relationships with those that are off campus.

Service Opportunities

At CRC we value working together and serving one another. One of the ways that we express this value on Sunday mornings is that “the work” is not left merely to the “experts”, but all are invited and encouraged to participate.

The chief way that we do this is through our “Master Service Schedule.” If you have communicated to us that CRC is your church home (usually, by requesting to be on our address list), we try to find a place for you on the team (e.g. Sunday School, greeting, nursery, set up, music, etc.). Sometimes, students will communicate specific areas that they would prefer to work in, and we always do our best to honor that. To sign up for the Master Service Schedule or for more information, contact the church office.

Developing a Christian Mind

Because we believe that Christ redeems all of life and that Jesus commanded us to love him not only with all our heart but also our minds, we put a high value on developing deep and well-informed Christian thinking.  For many years, Pastor Don Willeman has taught various a “History of Christian Doctrine” classes, usually a couple of times a year. We believe it is important for students to learn and grow in their faith in this academic setting. Out of these history of doctrine classes and other informal classes taught by Christian professors and campus ministers, The Waterman Institute has arisen. It aims to provide an environment for honest exploration for Christian thought and living.

Leadership Development Opportunities

CRC wants to help raise the standard of leadership development for students. Therefore, for those that are interested, we offer internship opportunities. This program involves opportunities for theological/biblical development, increased service opportunities and personal mentoring. Some have even served as adjunct church officers for a limited period of time.

For many students the entry point for this mentoring is one of the “History of Christian Doctrine” classes that run periodically. Another great place to start is the Introduction to CRC Class and/or Gospel-Driven Vision Seminar which are offered annually (see this year's dates here).

Mission Opportunities

Germany Trip Photos

CRC offers a number of cross-cultural mission opportunities. We have ministry partnerships in several different locations across the U.S. and around the world. Every December we take a group of Dartmouth students to Europe for a “European Missions Experience”, providing both an opportunity to deepen connection with the leadership of CRC, as well as get a taste of international missions.

Reflections from past Germany Trips:


If you want to learn more or have specific questions about being involved at CRC as a Dartmouth student. Please contact the church office.