Church Planting

Church Multiplication Initiative

Reproducing, Revitalization, Resourcing & Residency Training

Christ Redeemer Church is not just a church for itself, but a church for other churches. We believe churches should help plant and develop other churches. To this end, we have clarified our training and sending vision to these four elements (The 4Rs):

  • Reproducing new churches.
  • Revitalizing dead and dying congregations.
  • Resourcing existing churches.
  • Residency training to develop future pastors.

CRC Network Church Plants

Christ Restoration Church

New London, NH

Several years ago, the leadership of Christ Redeemer Church recognized that a growing contingent of people attending in Hanover was coming all the way from the Sunapee region. In 2014, after a season of prayer and vision formation meetings, we began holding weekly public worship services in Sunapee. Now, Christ Restoration Church of New London, NH has become a growing and vibrant congregation under the leadership of Christ Redeemer Church in Hanover. Our desire is to nurture Christ Restoration Church into an independent outpost of the gospel to the Sunapee Region.

The Quechee Church

Quechee, VT

Faced with declining attendance and financial hardship, Quechee Community Church had to close its doors after nearly 200 years of ministry. Their beautiful 1870s church was a central part of the village, and they longed for its legacy of Christian ministry to continue. In 2016, members of QCC approached CRC with the possibility of purchasing the building and revitalizing the church. CRC took up the challenge and is now bringing this historic church back to life. Beginning in 2018, The Quechee Church began holding weekly worship services.

Pastoral Residency & Internship Program

Developing leaders is central to our vision of being a multiplying church. Like medical residency training, our Pastoral Residency and Internship Programs immerse aspiring ministers and leaders in on-the-job training in our missional church context, under the leadership of an experienced mentor. As they are trained and developed, they are sent out to our various revitalizing, resourcing and church planting opportunities and/or other partner ministries. In addition, through our International Interns and Fellows Program we welcome leaders from overseas contexts into a similar full immersion training experience. For more information or to apply to our Pastoral Residency and Internship Program please, contact the church office.
“I don’t think we should have people in training for ministry who are not in ministry. The key to learning to minister is to minister. [W]hat this should translate into [is] a local church connection in which a person is actually doing the things they are trying to learn to do well.”
~Dallas Willard (1935-2013), professor and author of The Divine Conspiracy

Josh DePasacreta

Upon graduating with his M.A. in Pastoral Studies from Moody Theological Seminary Josh came to CRC as a Pastoral Resident. He now serves in children's and youth ministry at CRC.

Scott Sottosanti

Scott became a follower of Christ through the ministry of CRC, while a student at Dartmouth (D’12 and Thayer ’13). After a handful of years working as an engineer, Scott began considering a vocation in ministry, and subsequently, returned to start a pastoral internship in 2018. He currently serves as a pastoral field resident at Christ Community Church in Plainfield, NH.

Abrm McQuarters

2017-2019, 2021-present
Upon graduating from Dartmouth (D’17), Abrm served as a pastoral intern with a focus on ministry to youth and college students. In 2019, he moved to Atlanta, GA to attend seminary. In 2021, he returned to CRC to finish his degree remotely while being a resident at CRC with an emphasis on learning what it means to be a lead pastor.

Chris Audino

While serving as a pastoral resident, Chris focused on youth ministry, small groups, facility needs and administration. He currently serves as CRC's Executive and Youth Pastor. Prior to joining our residency program, Chris was the the Director of the Lebanon Campus of Franklin Pierce University.

Ryan Bouton

As a Dartmouth student (D’01), Ryan was a founding member of CRC. After graduating, he served in campus ministry, before eventually joining our residency program where he focused on children's ministry, administration, etc. He currently serves as the the Campus Pastor of The Quechee Church (VT) and CRC's Residency Director.

Doug Cooper

As a pastoral resident, Doug focuses on church planting in the Lake Sunapee Region. Prior to entering his residency, he was working in the healthcare field. He currently serves as the Campus Pastor at Christ Restoration Church in New London, NH.

Andrew Schuman

While at CRC, Andrew was a Student Intern, and then a Pastoral Intern in which he functioned as our Youth Pastor and Dartmouth student coordinator, among numerous other ministry roles. He currently serves as as the Executive Director of The Veritas Forum in Cambridge, MA. As a student (D’10), Andrew was the founding editor of The Dartmouth Apologia: A Journal of Christian Thought.

Flourish New England

Something exciting is happening in New England. The gospel is entering in, transforming lives and transforming communities. Opportunities abound for the gospel to flourish. This is why Christ Redeemer Church is launching a ministry expansion initiative to promote church multiplication and pastoral training: Flourish New England! For more information about how you can participate, Flourish New England!