Sunday School

9:00-9:45 am 

Our 2023 Fall Sunday School term will run from September 10th to December 3rd (except for the week after Thanksgiving 11/26).
Spring 2024 Sunday School will run from January 7th through May 19th except for 2/18, 3/10, 3/31, and 4/7.
Classes will be offered for children, youth and adults. For a list of classes and topics, see below.

Adult Sunday School

Leaning into the Full Counsel of God: The Least Read Books in the Bible
Taught by Lindsay Whaley & Chris Audino

This fall, we will examine some books of the Bible that receive little attention in sermons, Bible studies and personal reading. What can we learn from the 21 verses of Obadiah or the 15 verses of 3 John or the detailed legal obligations of Leviticus? Plenty.

Youth Sunday School 

Middle School - New Testament Survey
High School  - An Inductive Study on the Book of Mark

Children's Sunday School 

Nursery - kids (0-3) - no curriculum :)
Pre-K to Kindergarten - Children will explore the Bible stories of the New Testament.
1st to 3rd Grade - Children are learning how the Bible points to Jesus from beginning to the end. This fall will examine from Joshua to the prophets.
4th & 5th Grade - Children will marvel at the work of the Holy Spirit and God's new beginnings through a study in Acts.

Questions? Contact Josh DePasacreta.