Sunday School

9:00-9:45 am 

Our 2023 Spring Sunday School term will run from January 22nd and run through May 21st;
Fall Sunday School will resume in September. 

Classes will be offered for children, youth and adults. For a list of classes and topics, see below.

Adult Sunday School

Lifting Our Eyes to Heaven - The Book of Daniel
Taught by Lindsay Whaley & Noah Crane

Daniel is a popular book among Christians. It contains the well-known stories of miraculous salvation from a fiery furnace and a lion's den. It describes the Messiah as the "Son of Man," a term that Jesus used for Himself on many occasions. It offers hints about the coming of God's kingdom to earth and the culmination of history as we know it. However, what is often overlooked is that Daniel is also a very unusual book. Other than Ezra, it is the only Old Testament book composed in multiple languages. It starts out as a story about Daniel but then suddenly shifts to a first-hand account. It is the first book to give names to God's angels. In this class, we will work through Daniel with a focus on understanding how we are called to live as a holy, servant-hearted and hopeful people.

Youth Sunday School 

Middle School - Old Testament Survey
High School  - Romans

Children's Sunday School 

Nursery - kids (0-3) - no curriculum :)
Pre-K to Kindergarten - Bible Stories from Genesis through Acts - children learn the Bible through hands-on, interactive lessons.
1st to 3rd Grade - In the Beginning...Jesus: How the Bible Points to Jesus from Beginning to End.
4th & 5th Grade -Exploring Smaller Portions of Scripture in More Depth, allowing children to dig deep into and marvel at God's Word.

Questions? Contact Josh DePasacreta.