Sunday School

9:00-9:45 am 

Our 2022 Fall Sunday School term will run from September 18th through November 20th. Classes will be offered for children, youth and adults. For a list of classes and topics, see below.

Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Coffee Hour
On the first day of Sunday School (9/18), Pastor Don Willeman will be hosting a coffee hour in the place of adult Sunday School with an orientation/overview of Sunday school, children’s and youth ministry. All are welcome to attend!

The Book of Judges
Taught by Lindsay Whaley & Drew Matter
begins September 25th

Judges, like Scripture as a whole, does not shy away from the complexities of a life a faith. Within its pages, we find vivid pictures of betrayal and fidelity, of violence and peace, of pride and humility, of faithlessness and a longing for God. However, contemporary readers often find it difficult to discern how the stories in Judges are much more than cautionary tales against idolatry from the ancient world. In this class, we will explore how Judges offers deep insights about the nature of God and lessons for us on how to navigate a life of faith in tumultuous times. 

Youth Sunday School 

Middle School - Old Testament Survey
High School  - Exodus

Children's Sunday School 

Nursery - kids (0-3) - no curriculum :)
Pre-K to Kindergarten - ABC's of God
1st to 3rd Grade - In the beginning... Jesus
4th & 5th Grade - To Be Like Jesus

Questions? Contact Josh DePasacreta.