What is the Gospel?

The Gospel is multifaceted. It is so simple even a child can understand it, yet so complex that all eternity will not exhaust its mysteries.

Below you will find links to several different statements of the Gospel that we have found helpful. Our prayer is that in reading these you will understand and experience both the challenge and comfort of this message.

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New to the Gospel?

How Can I Know God?
 A 4 page PDF download by Tim Keller

Two Ways to Live 
An online presentation by Matthias Media

The Gospel Study Guide 
5-lesson Bible Study by Pastor Don Willeman

Wanting to Go Deeper?

The Gospel Stated Biblically 
A selection of Bible passages that introduce the gospel.

For Your Joy 
A free PDF download of a 40 page book written by Rev. John Piper

What is Worship? 
An article written by Don Willeman, Th.M.

The Psychological Implications of the Gospel
An article written by Don Willeman, Th.M.

Want More Resources?

More articles and books on the practical implications of the gospel (and other topics) can be found on the Recommended Reading Page.