Missions & Mercy

At CRC we desire to be not only a church that serves the Upper Valley, but also the world. In the short history of CRC, we have sent out numerous individuals to do a variety of long and short term projects. Through our connections with Converge Worldwide Missions and other agencies, we have a network of missions and relief opportunities that stretch around the globe. In addition to sending people, we are also committed to financially supporting missions and charities as well. In fact, we have recently averaged giving away 20% of our general offerings to support other charities and ministries, and we aim to increase the percentage that we give away every year. 



CRC supports a number of missionaries and missions organizations at the local, regional, national and international level.

How can I get involved?

  • Prayer: Missions work is upheld and under girded by prayer. Pray that our missionaries would grow in the Gospel of Christ, that their relationships and service would draw others to Christ, and that they would be encouraged in their labors on behalf of the Kingdom of God.
  • Financial Support: Your giving to Christ Redeemer Church supports the work of these missionaries. To find out more about making a contribution to CRC, click here. If you feel led to support one of these missionaries above your regular giving to CRC, contact the church office for more information about direct donations to the missionary’s sending organization.
  • Adopt a Missionary: Missions can be a difficult road to walk. Adopt a missionary by committing to pray for them regularly, supporting them through letters or emails, and supporting them financially in addition to your regular CRC giving.

International Interns & Fellows Program

The International Interns & Fellows Program is a 3 to 6 month full immersion, church-based ministry residency opportunity at Christ Redeemer Church. “Intern” is the designation given to those that are just beginning their ministry career, while “fellows” is the title given to our more seasoned participants. The purpose of the program is to help develop gospel-driven shepherds who are adept at leading God’s people in the mission of Christ’s church in a post-Christian context. 

Missions Committee

The Missions ministry at CRC is about seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ faithfully proclaimed and received for the establishment and building up of local bodies of believers (churches) throughout the world. Our missions giving is directed by a Missions Committee under the oversight of the church elders. The Missions Committee includes Pastor Don Willeman, Marsha Davidson, Joel Eshbaugh, Matt Lewis, Vincent Mack, Doug Tengdin, Jack van Hoff, and Dave Smith.

Suggested Reading

If you are interested in learning more about missions, check out the "Ministry & Mission" category on the recommended reading page.


Our primary vehicle for providing mercy for urgent needs is our Community Groups. However, in order to provide for greater needs and to extend care to the broader community we have also established the Benevolence Fund. This is a financial fund designed to provide limited aid to those struggling financially due to unforeseen circumstances. The fund is intended to provide assistance to those within the scope of Christ Redeemer Church’s local church ministry, defined as the extent of the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont. If you are interested in giving to the benevolence fund, click here.

For more information on CRC's mercy ministry, contact Ryan Bouton.