Easter Devotional


How to Use this Guide?

My hope is that you would schedule a daily time alone, with friends or with your family to prepare for Easter. Perhaps you could schedule your daily time before or after dinner, or as a part of your bedtime routine. Whatever you decide, I recommend that you do it about the same time every day, if at all possible. Most days should take less than 15 minutes.

The Structure of this Guide

This guide includes devotionals that run from the Monday before Palm Sunday through the Saturday before Easter. The first week is structured similarly to our usual study guides while the second week is similar to the Sunday home worship guides we used during the pandemic shutdown in 2020. Both sections of the guide may be used corporately (perhaps as a household) or individually.

The guides for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are more liturgical than other days as we take time to remember the Last Supper and death of Jesus. On Good Friday, there is also an option to gather in person. Click here for more details. 
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Don’t Forget to Invite your Friends!

I want to express my appreciation to all of you for joining in on this venture of “redeeming the time” together. Likewise, I encourage you to invite your friends to join us by texting/emailing this webpage or by posting this link on social media. People are desperately looking for the hope that only the gospel can give, and in this way, it has never been easier to “invite them to church.”

For the worship of God and the ministry of His gospel!

Don Willeman

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