International Interns & Fellows

The International Interns & Fellows Program is a 3 to 6 month full immersion, church-based ministry residency opportunity at Christ Redeemer Church. “Intern” is the designation given to those that are just beginning their ministry career, while “fellows” is the title given to our more seasoned participants. All participants will have exposure to and involvement in a wide range of ministry opportunities in and through CRC. In addition, it is CRC’s desire to foster mutually beneficial, long-term cross-cultural partnerships with our interns and fellows and their international contexts. The right candidate is 1) teachable—eager to learn and grow in a team ministry context, 2) a hardworking self-starter, 3) a lover of the local church, 4) has proven relational ministry success, and 5) a working command of English.

The purpose of the program is to help develop gospel-driven shepherds who are adept at leading God’s people in the mission of Christ’s church in a post-Christian context. Since we at CRC think that this shepherding ministry is a lifestyle and not just a “job”, there will be aspects of the residency that focus on the development of one’s marriage and family (if applicable), as well as, one’s personal life. Therefore, the candidate and his spouse ought to see this residency is a “family affair.”

Past participants are listed below, and an overview of the program is available here. Parties interested in applying to the program can contact Pastor Don Willeman or contact us at

Past Fellows

Dainis and Liene Pandars

Dainis and Liene Pandars participated in the International Fellows Program at CRC from September thought November in 2016. Dainis Pandars is a pastor from Ogre Trinity Baptist Church in Latvia, where at the age of 21 he became a Christian. After getting a bachelors degree in Public Relations from Latvian University in 2007, he worked as a Public Relations Expert at the Football Federation of Latvia, and then later was asked to become a full-time youth pastor in Ogre church. In 2010, after graduating from the Baltic Pastoral Institute, he become a senior pastor in the same church in Ogre. Liene is an early childhood educator and in her spare time is quite an accomplished singer and songwriter. Dains and Liene recently adopted two children. In his free time Dainis likes to spend time with his wife, play sports (especially soccer) and read books.

Dainis and Liene shared their reflections on their fellowship with the congregation at CRC.
You can listen to their reflection here.

Past Interns

Karlis Kleinhofs Prusis

Karlis Kleinhofs Prusis participated in the International Internship Program in the fall of 2018. Karlis is a graduate of the Baltic Pastoral Institute's Pastoral Training Program.

Slavic Strashnov

Slavic Strashnov participated in the International Internship Program in the fall of 2018. Slavic is a graduate of the Baltic Pastoral Institute.