A Faith that Works

What is genuine Christianity? What are the marks of true faith and how can you tell when you’ve really got it?

Many Christians and non-Christians alike have become disillusioned with much of what they see in Christianity and the Church. James, the writer of the New Testament letter that bears his name, would suggest that the reason for this cynicism may be due an imitation faith. A “gospel” that looks like Jesus but doesn’t live and love like Jesus.

Genuine faith is not smug and self-confident, resting on its supposed successes. Rather, it is broken, believing and obedient. Genuine faith changes us because it recreates us by the power of God’s word. It produces in us a new life that works itself out in a new way of living.

Genuine faith in Christ is alive. It is a faith that works—a faith that works through trial and temptation; a faith that tames one’s tongue; a faith that shares one’s treasure; and a faith that bears the fruit of love, impartially. It is a faith that fulfills in us the law of God—to love God with all our being and love our neighbor as our self.

Join us as we consider the challenge of this letter and what relevance it has to our life today.

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