Mark Series

History tells us that John Mark wrote The Gospel According to Mark. He was a close companion of St. Peter, the closest and most prominent of Jesus’s own disciples. Thus, this gospel gives us a unique, action-driven account of the earthly life of Jesus Christ.

The significance of Mark’s account of Jesus is difficult to underestimate. The late professor of literature Reynolds Price (1933-2011) summarized it well:
“The Good News According to Mark has proved to be the most enduringly powerful narrative in the history of Western civilization, perhaps in the history of the world. As the oldest of the four gospels, it has exerted an enormous and continuous influence over Western thought and action…”
For our study over the next several months, this means not only a clearer up close and personal view of Jesus, but also a better understanding of what it means to follow Him today.

We are recommending the following resources for further study:

Image Sources: Wikimedia & Wikimedia