Weekly Sermon Study Guide

This resource is intended to help us prepare our hearts for the upcoming Sunday's sermon and reflect on what we heard after the sermon. Study guides are available most Fridays If you are looking for a study guide associated with a past sermon (February 2023 on), a link will be available on the individual sermon page. For past sermons, click here.

Sermon Details

April 30, 2023
"The Restoring Work of Christ"
John 21:1-14

Leading up to Sunday's Sermon

Read the Passage

John 21:15-25


  1. This is the last section of John’s Gospel and we’ve been in it for a long time now. As we near the end, what stands out to you thematically about John’s Gospel on the whole? Consider one or two things specifically.
  2. Likewise, when you consider all of the time that you’ve spent in John’s Gospel, what stands out to you personally? Consider one or two ways that God has used it in your life. What has He been teaching you along the way?
  3. Lastly, as you consider those big picture takeaways, how might they relate to this closing section of John’s Gospel?


Suggested Prayer Prompts
  • Give thanks to God for the unique ways that He has chosen to reveal Himself to us! One example: With the Bible, we have a variety of documents, written by a whole array of authors from all walks of life, all uniquely inspired by the Spirit of God.
  • Give thanks to God for revealing Himself to us through the radical, sacrificial acts and love of Jesus!
  • God, may You continue to use John’s testimony in our lives in powerful ways going forward.

After Sunday's Sermon


Review John 21:15-25 and listen to sermon (if you have not done so already)


Key Idea
In the lives of His closest disciples, we see the personal and providential touch of Jesus as He develops them as individuals, and as He builds His church for all of time.
Questions for Consideration
  1. In what ways have you experienced the personal and providential involvement of God in your own life? Note: Based on the examples we’re given, His developing involvement isn’t always pleasant. Sometimes it involves loving confrontation and restoration. Sometimes it involves hardship and sacrifice.
  2. If you would consider yourself a follower of Christ, how does God’s involvement in the lives of His closest disciples give you hope as a fellow disciple?


Suggested Prayer Prompts
  • Father, continue to break into my life and initiate confrontation, restoration and lasting change.
  • God, please use your involvement in my life to help develop and further Your church and Your coming Kingdom.