Weekly Sermon Study Guide

This resource is intended to help us prepare our hearts for the upcoming Sunday's sermon and reflect on what we heard after the sermon. Study guides are available on Friday of each week. If you are looking for a study guide associated with a past sermon (February 2023 on), a link will be available on the individual sermon page. For past sermons, click here.

Sermon Details

March 26, 2023
"The King Crucified" 
John 19:17-30

Leading up to Sunday's Sermon

Read the Passage

John 19:17-30


  1. There are several references in this passage about how events from this scene were a fulfillment of the Scripture (v. 24, 28). Why do you think that John included these notes? How do they help to inform you in your own faith?
  2. On the one hand, to say that Jesus has undergone a horrific, public humiliation here would be a gross understatement. And yet on the other hand, it’s clear that this was also a glorious, public triumph on the part of Jesus as well (“It is finished”). What do you make of this great irony?
  3. Before bowing His head and giving up His spirit, the last words of Jesus were, “It is finished.” What do you think He meant by that statement? If you’re a follower of Jesus, what kinds of implications might these words have for you?


Suggested Prayer Prompts
  • Give thanks to God for the radical love that Jesus has shown us in the pain and humiliation of the cross!
  • Give thanks to God for the radical gift that Jesus has given us in the triumph of
    the cross!
  • Ask God to radically fan the flame of faith as the church hears the Passion of
    Christ proclaimed on Sunday.

After Sunday's Sermon


Review John 19:17-30 and listen to sermon (if you have not done so already)


Key Idea
The result of the gruesome sacrifice of Jesus is that all who call upon Him can experience total justification and forgiveness for their sins, once and for all time. In Him, it is truly finished!
Questions for Consideration
  1. In what ways might your thoughts and actions be denying the finished work of Jesus on the cross on your behalf?
  2. How might you begin to change your relationship to areas of performance in your life that function as a form of salvation for you?


Suggested Prayer Prompts
  • Forgive me God for the ways that I’m still trying to save myself.
  • Thank you God that through Jesus You’ve done absolutely everything to meet my every need for salvation, reconciliation and relationship with You!