Week of Prayer

January 15th to January 21st

As we begin a new year, we will have a focused week of prayer as a church from January 15th - January 21st. There will be corporate times of prayer throughout the week as well as prayer prompts for each day. Please join in as many corporate prayer times as you can! We will be praying through Jesus' prayer in John 17 and asking that God would lead us as we seek to honor Him by fostering a movement of Christ’s Kingdom through the proclamation and practice of the gospel that serves and transforms the people and communities of the Upper Valley, and through the Upper Valley, the world.

How To Participate:
Our corporate prayer times will be held at the Dartmouth Prayer Room (53 S Main St, Hanover, NH 03755 Nugget Arcade Room 312). Enter the building from either side and go up to the third floor). On Monday and Wednesday we will meet in the evening (7:00-7:45 pm), and Tuesday and Thursday we will meet in the mornings (7:00-7:45 am). On Friday we will meet at the Quechee Church from 7-8:30pm for a time of worship and prayer to close out the week. 

If you can't join in person, all corporate prayer times (except for Friday) can also be joined by Zoom.
Meeting ID: 87527379795 Passcode: 800805 
Call in number: (646) 558-8656 
Monday Evening - 7-7:45 pm
Tuesday Morning - 7-7:45 am
Wednesday Evening - 7-7:45 pm
Thursday Morning - 7-7:45 am

The Time of Prayer & Worship on Friday night from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at The Quechee Church (1905 Quechee Main Street, Quechee, VT).

Questions? Contact Abrm McQuarters.

Daily Prayer Emphasis

Join us as we pray through John 17

Sunday, Day 1 (1/15) - John 17 - This Week of Prayer
  • Pray that we would be united in prayer this week.
  • Pray that God would meet us as we gather to pray.

Monday, Day 2 (1/16) - John 17:1,10, 24 - God's Glory
  • Pray that God would be glorified in the work He does in us
  • Pray that God would be glorified in the work He does through us

Tuesday, Day 3 (1/17) - John 17:13 -  Joy
  • Pray that we would experience the fullness of Christ’s joy
  • Pray that joy would be evident and contagious to others

Wednesday, Day 4 (1/18) - John 17:11-12, 15 - Protection
  • Pray for God’s protection from evil at work in the world

Thursday, Day 5 (1/19) - John 17:2-3, 6-9, 20 - Evangelism/Salvation
  • Pray that we would boldly proclaim and invite our community to know Christ
  • Pray that more in our community would come to faith in Christ

Friday, Day 6 (1/20) - John 17:11, 20-23, 26 - Unity
  • Pray that we would experience the unity Christ has accomplished for us

Saturday, Day 7 (1/21) - John 13:1-17 - Sunday Worship Service
  • Pray for the preaching of the Word this Sunday, that it would take root in the hearts of those who listen and produce fruit.