Summer Celebration Camp 2015

The King is Coming!

Summer Celebration Camp was held Tuesday, July 14 through Friday July 17 at the Wellspring Worship Center, just south of Hanover. The theme this year was “The King is Coming!” One hundred and thirty children from pre-kindergarten to 5th grade participated in the week’s events. Over forty adults, Dartmouth students, and teen helpers, taught classes, served snacks, organized recreation activities, assisted with crafts, and shared God’s love for us with the children.

Each day began and ended with a group program including skits and singing. Our theme, “The King is Coming,” taught about how God was king from Genesis, the Gospels, and all of Scripture. Each class learned about Jesus, the king who made everything and who has given his own life so that we can know the king and enjoy him forever. The crafts that were created strengthened the curriculum for that day, and games were played both inside and outside.

Here are a few reflections from the week:
“I’d say a highlight from the week was seeing the kids’ eagerness to learn about the Bible how much King Jesus loves His people. It was so touching and encouraging to see their faces light up throughout the week, as they responded to and reflected on the promises of God and how He fulfills them so wonderfully and unexpectedly in Christ.”
~Rich Lopez
“All of the kids were really helpful–helped each other find scripture, comforted each other when they got hurt, included other kids they didn’t know. I felt encouraged by their care for each other.”
~Michelle McFarland
“The thing that stuck out to me most this week was just how much love we have for each other and our children. I know a lot of people with kids, busy lives, and schedules made sacrifices to participate. I was really blown away by how much everyone worked to invest in the lives of the kids and how much focus was kept on the gospel. The junior helpers that got to work with our group were extremely helpful, skilled, fun and patient with our kids. We couldn’t have been successful without them. On a personal note, my older children looked forward to going every day and I loved overhearing them singing the opening and closing songs at home.”
~Lauren Sharkey
Friday’s closing program ended with a slideshow of scenes from the week, followed by snacks outside. You can view some of the photos from the week below. A big thank you to everyone who made SCC such a wonderful and memorable week!