Service Trip 2017

A number of adults and youth spent a week in Newark, NJ to assist World Impact in a renovation project and in serving their school. You can learn about the trip through the updates below; these updates were sent to the congregation by Don Willeman over the course of the service trip to Newark last week, February 19th through February 23rd.

Reflections on the Service Trip

Our Newark Service Team has had a great week in every way. We were able to get way more done for the World Impact ministries than we expected. As you know from past years, Newark is a place of tremendous and very obvious need, and our labors once again were a big boost to the workers who are caring for their friends and neighbors in Newark.

This is our third year going to this location, and the opportunities for further partnership with those ministering in Newark continues to grow. Something we may do this summer is invite the kids from the Newark school up to experience rural/wilderness life in northern New England for a few days—kind of a fresh air experience. Jay Marshall is working on making this happen.

Each evening we had a talk on “Being a Disciple”, playing off of our Sunday morning series through the Gospel of Mark. I spoke on Monday night on “Discipleship Is Following Jesus” (Mk 8:34). Doug Cooper spoke on Tuesday evening on “Discipleship is Following Jesus’s Word” (Mark 4) and Chris Audino spoke last night on “Discipleship is Following Jesus’s Family” (Mark 3:31-35; 10:29-30). Each morning all participants did a personal Bible study on these passages, in order to prepare for the talks. We also heard testimonies from Jay Marshall and some of the World Impact staff.

In addition to the work and learning, there was a lot of time for fun and friendship…and exploring the World Impact facilities (a massive formerly abandoned Regional Vocation-Technical High School that was acquired for gospel outreach in the early 80’s).

On Sunday, February 26th, Jay Marshall shared about the trip with the congregation. To listen, click here.