Fall Youth Conference 2021

On November 19th and 20th, middle and high schoolers from all over the Upper Valley came together at Christ Community Church in Plainfield, NH for our annual Fall Youth Conference. We focused on "Knowing the Story," a series of talks and breakout sessions built around deepening our knowledge of the Story of God throughout the Bible. We played some amazing games and had several particularly epic games of capture the flag - a regular tradition for us. Given how challenging the past year and a half has been, we were really excited to have been able to do one of our normal, big youth events once again.

God worked in some incredible ways in the hearts of students and leaders alike. Victoria Bassette gave her testimony which was powerful and moving, and our two main sessions led by Chris Audino and Abrm McQuarters gave great context for the story that has impacted Victoria so deeply. As we continued looking at the story of the Gospel, we examined how different people were invited into the plan God is enacting in our world, as well as how each of us can fit into that story wherever God has placed us.
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