Summer Youth Retreat 2014

Forty-five students and more than a dozen adults participated in Christ Redeemer Church’s Summer Youth Retreat at the Kull Youth Center in Ocean City, New Jersey from June 29th through July 3rd.

Each morning was spent in small group discussions. Afternoons included free time to enjoy the beach and boardwalk. In the evenings, Pastor Don Willeman, Kevin Schwartz and Andrew Schuman shared messages about people’s encounters with Jesus from the book of Luke.

A few participants shared their thoughts about the week with the congregation the following Sunday. You can listen to their reflections here.
“The theme for this week’s trip was “Encounters with Jesus”. We spent most of our time in Luke, looking at different stories and miracles. Every sermon was followed by questions in the small group meetings the next morning. Small group time was definitely one of my favorite times. We got to talk to each other about our struggles, our sin, and our moments of faith. Andrew Schuman’s sermon on Wednesday night was one of the sermons that really hit me. It was the story of the three men who wanted to follow Jesus…This passage showed me the idols in my life and things I put before God.”

~Sydney Bish, freshman

“For me, this retreat was a really sweet time spending time with the students… and observing them just genuinely loving and caring for one another as they lived out the gospel with one another in community. This really speaks to my heart because this wasn’t my experience in youth group [when I was growing up].”

~Stephanie Nelson, youth leader

“One thing that really struck me was realizing the leprosy of our hearts and the magnificent grace of Jesus, that while we were still rotting in this pit of sickness and sin, he came down to save us. What amazing love that is! The response of our heart should be to give him everything and to trust him with everything.”

~ Katie Willeman, college freshman

“My family and I are relatively new to CRC. The retreat was a great time to make new relationships and have a lot of fun. What really touched my heart was the message where Pastor Don talked about the leprosy.”

~Cameron Marshall, sophomore
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