Summer Celebration Camp 2023

Our regular venue wasn’t available this year, but we pulled through, partnering with Providence Presbyterian Church and hosting over 50 kids and 30 volunteers! Our child to volunteer ratio made for some really intentional and fun discipleship during the week as we blasted off into space and had a Stellar time shining Jesus’ light.

Stellar: Shine Jesus’ Light! That was our theme this year as we explored different ways Jesus shines His light in the world and we can too. Our core verse was John 8:12, “Jesus said… I am the light of the world.” The kids’ imaginations and excitement for Jesus took a journey into the far reaches of Scripture space for four days, exploring:

  • Day 1 - When life feels dark… shine Jesus’ light! (Luke 2:1-20; Matthew 1:18–2:12)
  • Day 2 - When people don’t get along… shine Jesus’ light! (Luke 19:1-9; Romans 12:16)
  • Day 3 - When good things happen… shine Jesus’ light! (Luke 19:28-40; Psalm 100:1)
  • Day 4 - When people are sad… shine Jesus’ light! (John 19–20; John 14:1)
  • Day 4 - When people need help… shine Jesus’ light! (Matthew 5:16)

Thank you to the many volunteers this year who made our camp out of this world stellar, and thank you to Providence OPC.

Keep shining Jesus’ light!
~ Astronaut Josh 

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