Service Trip 2022

From April 10th through the 13th, a group of adults, middle, and high school kids traveled to the First Baptist Church of Medfield in Medfield, MA for our annual service trip. We spent our time remodeling Sunday school classrooms, tearing out and building a new deck for the parsonage, and studying what the book of Ecclesiastes has to say about the purpose of our work. As usual, CRCers work hard on trips like these, and we were able to accomplish a lot while we were there. It was such a gift to be able to help make some of this centuries-old church more usable for the good work Pastor Hunter Guthrie and his congregation are doing in Medfield. 
Seeing kids work alongside adults throughout the trip is always one of the highlights as the multigenerational relationships formed there can be so rare in other spaces of life. A number of adults described how fun it was to get to see their kids and those of other families in the church work with them side-by-side. Our time at night worshipping, studying the Word, and just enjoying each other’s company also made this trip one to remember. Seeing the inherent goodness of work done for the sake of God’s glory and how Christ’s death and resurrection redeem work that might otherwise be meaningless did a lot to inspire our crew and help shift how we think about work in general. We’re already looking forward to being able to do something like this again next year!

See some photos of our time together below!