Winter Men’s Conference 2013

Redeeming Our Passions: The Purifying Beauty of the Cross

The 2013 Winter Men’s Conference took place on Friday, January 4th and Saturday, September 5th. Over 175 men gathered from CRC, Christ Memorial Church, Redeemer Fellowship Church and other churches at Singing Hills Conference Center in Plainfield, New Hampshire. Men came from churches in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

On Friday night, Rev. Don Willeman spoke on “What are Our Passions and How do They Work?” He continued on Saturday morning, with “How do We Redeem Our Passions?”. Rev. Wes Pastor’s concluded the teaching with “What does Redeeming Our Passions Look Like in Practice?” On Saturday afternoon Rev. Wes Pastor & Rev. Don Willeman answered questions that were raised in small group discussions. You can find links for the recordings of these talks at the bottom of the page.

Here are a few comments that men who were at the conference shared:
“One hundred seventy-seven men all singing together is quite an experience.”

“One thing that really helped me was the reminder that we as Christians are called to deny ourselves. But we can’t simply deny ourselves, we need to replace it with something, and that is Christ in our hearts. That was one message I found powerful this weekend.”

“The small group sessions were incredibly rich.”

“It was great to engage with men from other churches.”

“We are born worshippers. I’m worshipping no matter what. If I’m not worshipping my creator, I will worship other things. The main way to battle my sin is to worship Christ.”

“I’m struck each year by the men gathering together. It’s like an army forming, but to do a great spiritual battle.”

“I left the conference wanting to renew my pursuit of a knowledge of God and the gospel.”
In addition to the teaching time the men enjoyed worshiping, late-night fellowship, shared meals, and outdoor activities. The men also went home with a copy of “The Shepherd Leader at Home” by Timothy Z. Witmer to encourage them in their continued growth as godly men.

The men enjoyed a weekend of good teaching, good fellowship, and fun. Thanks to Jason Achmoody & Kevin Schwartz for organizing the conference and for Pastors Don Willeman and Wes Pastor for bringing such a powerful message.

Conference Audio

Redeeming Our Passions: The Purifying Beauty of the Cross
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