Service Trip 2020

From February 16th through 19th, CRC sent over 40 people on a service trip to First Baptist Church of Medfield in Massachusetts. The Medfield church’s history goes back to 1750’s when a group of people began meeting in homes for Bible study and worship. Eventually, they formally established as a church in 1776, and their present building was built in 1838.

Over the past few decades, the Medfield church, like so many others in New England, had dwindled to about a dozen parishioners. However, last fall the church hired a new pastor to undertake the challenge of revitalization. In just a few short months the church has now nearly tripled in attendance and is showing very clear signs of new life.

To help this work of revitalization, the building needs a number of significant updates. Our team was able to make substantive progress in two major areas. The first was to remodel the nursery wing, which included expanding the restroom. The second was a complete makeover of the fellowship hall, which included ripping up old carpeting and putting down new flooring.

Each evening, the team gathered for a teaching time on how to relate to God’s Word. Outside the work and teaching time, the group enjoyed exploring Boston and spending time hanging out with one another. Special thanks to all of the volunteers who served over the course of the trip!

Following the Service Trip, the Peters family shared their highlights from the week during the Sunday worship service. To hear their reflections, click here.