Revolve Tour 2011

On Friday and Saturday April 1st and 2nd, 10 teenage girls and 7 moms and youth leaders attended the 2011 Revolve Tour in Hartford, Connecticut.

Over the course of the weekend the girls and women enjoyed worshiping and singing along with the bands “Group 1 Crew”,”Hawk Nelson”,and the singer Britt Nicole. The girls worked hard to be ready for the “Flash Mob” dance everyone performed during “Group 1 Crew’s” opening set. Jenna Lucado Bishop talked about our how we view ourselves, our dreams, and how God loves and cares for us. The girls and women enjoyed skits reflecting life situations performed by the Revolve Drama Team. All ears were open as author Chad Eastman gave advice about guys and relationships. In addition, the girls, moms, and leaders enjoyed fun time together, including a stop at the mall on the way home.

A reflection from one of the mom’s:

“I am amazed at how well the Revolve Tour presenters understand the teenage mind as it relates to so many issues. The talks and dramas spoke directly to the concerns and fears of teenage girls.”
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