Student-Family Lunch Reflections 2013

Each fall, Christ Redeemer Church organizes a Sunday where individuals or families host Dartmouth students for lunch.  The purpose of these lunches is to build connection and community between the students and the rest of the church body.  We know that it’s easy for college students to associated with only same-aged peers who have similar schedules and struggles .  Yet, we believe that there is value in the diversity of age and experience in our church body.  We hope that these connections over lunch will be a starting point for relationships that bridge between students and families. Below you’ll find a few thoughts about the time from family perspectives.
“When I was in college, I really missed family life and told myself I would reach out to students when I had a family. On this side, life often feels too messy and unpredictable to share, but having Aki over was a reminder that the inconvenient or less presentable things which are part of family life can actually be a blessing to someone else. We had lots to talk about and I hope we can do this more often!”

~Amy Chan

“It was a lovely time, not just sharing a meal but our lives with one another. Although our backgrounds are different (city/country living, jobs, etc.), love of Jesus is our common bond and we are so glad for the opportunity to welcome a student to our body of believers. Big thanks to Drew for organizing!”

~Shirley Adams
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