Men's Retreat 2012

The Power of Acceptance: Cashing in the Relational Value of the Gospel

The 2012 Men’s Retreat took place on Friday, January 6th and Saturday, September 7th. Around 50 men of CRC(Christ Redeemer Church) joined over 95 men from Christ Memorial Church, Redeemer Fellowship Church and other churches at Singing Hills Conference Center in Plainfield, New Hampshire.

On Friday night, Rev. Wes Pastor spoke on “The Gospel Basis of Acceptance.” On Saturday morning, Rev. Don Willeman on “The Gospel Command to Acceptance”, followed by a joint talk entitled “The Gospel Practice of Acceptance.” On Saturday afternoon Rev. Wes Pastor & Rev. Don Willeman answered questions that were raised in small group discussions. You can find links for the recordings of these talks at the bottom of the page.

Here are a few comments from men who were at the retreat:
“The frank discussion is what I always love about this retreat.”“We are commanded to love one another; the most basic part of loving one another is accepting one another.”

A Dartmouth student commented,”This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to meet men who come from completely different perspectives and to discuss the scripture with them. I was completely blown away by how challenging and helpful it was for my faith. It also reminded me that as a student it is so easy to come to church each Sunday, sit here and not get involved with the body of the church as a whole. So I really urge my fellow students, and myself, to be involved more.

“I was reminded that to be Christ-like means more than spouting God-words; it means to be filled with the Spirit and living it out in our lives.”

“God has set his affections on us without conditions. We need to set our affections on one another in the same way.”

“We heard a simple, clear message enabled by the cross and the Gospel.”
In addition to the teaching time the men enjoyed worshiping, late-night fellowship, and shared meals. The men also went home with a copy of “Men of God” edited by Trevor Archer & Tim Thornborough to encourage them in their continued growth as godly men.

The men enjoyed a weekend of good teaching, good fellowship, and fun. Thanks to Jason Achmoody & Kevin Schwartz for organizing the retreat and for Pastors Don Willeman and Wes Pastor for bringing such a powerful message.

Retreat Audio

The Power of Acceptance: Cashing in the Relational Value of the Gospel
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