2012 Women’s Coram Deo Retreat

The God Who Cooks Breakfast

The 2012 Coram Deo Retreat took place on Friday, April 27th and Saturday, April 28th at the Margate on Lake Winnipesaukee in Laconia, New Hampshire. Fifty-five women from Christ Redeemer Church gathered together for a weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Diane Averill spoke on “The God Who Cooks Breakfast,” looking at the story of Peter and his relationship with Jesus. She reminded us that we are now adopted daughters of God the Father because of Christ’s work on the cross. She explored how we deal with life when it doesn’t go as planned, and the model we have in Jesus’ garden prayer, to ask boldly of the Father and to learn to trust the Father’s will. Finally she reminded us of the personal and caring nature of our God, demonstrated as Jesus cooked breakfast for the disciples and interaction with Peter after the resurrection.

In addition to the teaching time, the women enjoyed late-night games & conversations, sleeping-in, prayer, talking, laughing & crying, the hot tub & pool, and afternoon outings to shop or to hike.

Here are a few comments from the women about what was most helpful to them during the retreat.
“I appreciated Diane’s thoughtful teaching, the truth of the gospel balanced with good examples from her own life. I also liked the time to connect and share with other women both in the discussion time and the free time.”

“The wonderful free-time, lots of it…felt like such a luxury and gave me a chance to connect with people.”
“I loved the organization and administration that covered all the bases. It was a wonderful time to meet, learn, play & pray and I loved that I could choose.”

“The time to connect with other women, especially one on ones with my roommate. I felt we got to know each other on a deeper level. Also the teaching which gave a deeper reminder of Jesus’ patience, tenderness and willingness to give a second (and third chances).”

“Everyone was very approachable, open and caring.”

“Our speaker, Diane, spoke from her heart and from an obvious wealth of wisdom from a close walk with the Lord. She represented God truthfully and encouraged us to follow him closely.”

“Enjoyed time spent with other CRC women! Also teaching was great! Good balance between practical teaching & sound theology. Nice location, not too fancy, or too plain.”

“I loved the free time and options for free time. I very much appreciated the later start time in the morning. Diane was fantastic. I enjoyed meeting and spending time with women I didn’t know well prior to retreat.”

Retreat Audio

The God Who Cooks Breakfast
Speaker: Diane Averill
Cathy Welder shared her reflections about the weekend with the congregation on May 13th. You can hear her reflection here.
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